When it comes to reflocking there are 2 types a partial reflock/deflock or a complete reflock. A partial reflock/deflock is where either bits of flock is added/taken out of the saddle where necessary. Even though it doesn’t look like a massive task undertaken it can make a huge different to the way the saddle fit to the horse. Often this i carried out when a new saddle is fitted or after 6 weeks when the saddle is starting to settle to the horses shape. This process is generally done while the saddle is still as a whole however sometimes it may be necessary to split the saddle for ease.

The second type is a total reflock. A total reflock is where the saddle is split and all the old flock is taken out, replaced with new flock and then stitched back together. A total reflock may be necessary if the flock becomes solid or if in general the flock has lost its spring. This is to ensure the saddle fits the horse and is not going to course damage to the horses back.

I am qualified to do total and partial reflocks to saddles. I gained my qualification in 2020