1. Spot Flocking – adding or reducing wool to a fully intact saddle.
  2. Panel-off Flocking – removing the panels from the bottom of the saddle to add, reduce, rework or redistribute the wool.
  3. Full Reflocking – removing the panels from the bottom of the saddle, then removing all the wool from the panels and replacing it with new wool.

If a saddle if rocking on a horse’s back and needs a small amount of wool removed from the centre of the panels, spot flocking is great for this.

Spot flocking can also run into trouble when a fitter needs to get deep into the panels to make the adjustment.  For example, if a saddle is listing left and needs to be flocked up in the lower-front-left panel it will be almost impossible to get a flocking iron down there without disrupting all the other wool in the saddle. There for in this case a Panel-off Flocking is required

Occasionally a saddle needs so much work that all the wool must be replaced.  Taking the panels off a saddle gives a saddle fitter full access to anywhere they need to work in the panels.  And once the panels are removed from a saddle, the tension is removed from them and allows for much more space to work with to make substantial changes.