What I do and Why I do it

What do I do?

People often ask me what I do. Mainly I make bespoke leather products. These products vary from items for humans to items for animals. My most common products that I make are dog collars and leads. Living in the countryside around a lot of farms and walking destinations helps a lot to get my products seen. Other products I make are more bespoke and people either send me measurements or I go and measure personally to create the product needed. Some bespoke products I make are bridles and headcollars for horses. Other than making leather products I also repair items where possible. Some repairs that I have done include small rips in saddles, re stitching panels on saddles and boot repairs. I have an arrange of skills and techniques that I use to complete most tasks. My main skill is mainly being able to stitch by hand, also being able to cut leather by hand. I count these as my main skills because this means I can pretty much do anything within reason!


Why do I do it?

This is another question I often get asked. I started doing this because having horses myself and one of my horses used to break a lot of his tack. I used to have to buy new tack instead of repairing this was because there was no people in the area that did leather repair work. Another reason I started doing what I do is because a lot of bridles I was seeing on horses did not fit correctly. This was because big company’s make bridles in batch produce, so every bridle is the same shape, style and fit. Just because one bridle may fit a horse equivalent size and breed to your own does not always mean it will fit your own.  Also with big company’s producing in batches and of a big scale it means that sometimes there may be bridles not of the best quality. This could be dangerous for use as the item might break while in use, or it would mean you pay a lot for a product that does not last as long. There for this is another reason I started doing repair work so that a product is not just wasted.

I make bespoke and handmade products because not every horse is not the same shape. They can be the same height, same breed and same age but this does not mean they look the same physically. Just like humans every horse has different face and body shapes and although bridles can be adjusted by the buckles it is not always them parts that don’t fit.  So, by making all my products made to measure means that they will fit the horse comfortably and properly.


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