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I have been saving this one until I had completed my final course with David May at Cumbria School of Saddlery. I attended my first course back in November 2016. This specific course was based on re flocking. On the course I learnt the importance of having a saddle re flocked, checking to see if the saddle tree is broke or twisted, different types of flock and also how to take apart a saddle, take old flock out, re flock it and also put the saddle back together.


I returned for my second course in March 2017 this time it was for the Bridle Work Part 1. Within this course I learnt about all the different types of leather, how to choose a good piece of leather and detect faults of bad leather. Also i learnt how to prepare leather for stitching, double hand and back stitching and also sharpening tools that are used.  While on the course I created a dog collar, a padded dog collar and a pair of reins.

Noah modelling my first bridle

2017 I attended Bridle Work Part 2. By this course I had bought my own leather and tools and had been creating dog collars while at home. On the course we covered how to create and use patterns for items, cutting leather economically, and a start with keeping documents in order for a business. We also learnt new techniques such as creating rolled, plaited and laced items. While on this course I made my very first bridle.


My final course was in October 2017 this time a safe repairs course. This course covered how to repair parts on bridles, saddles and also rugs. On this course i took some items I had, including 2 buckles on a bridle that needed replacing, a saddle that was beyond repair for use but one I am

using for practice as well as a few rugs. These courses were ran by David May, without him running these courses I would not know the skills I know now. Everyone within the industry I have spoken too has always recommended David, and said how good of a teacher he is. So after completing

Davids courses I would like to say a massive thank you and have a good retirement.

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One thought on “Cumbria School of Saddlery

  • David

    Thank you Emma for your comment on the courses. It was good to have you here. I am glad you were able to do the courses just before I finished and I wish you well with your saddlery and with your business. It is true what the old timers say that you never stop learning in this trade. I have found that a truism all along. Keep at it Emma and best wishes to your mum and family.